Small Business Marketing on a Budget

Operating a small business can be a lonely endeavor. You have an offering that you believe in, you get your business license, you invest in the necessary equipment or training, and you are ready to serve the world. And you wait for the calls to come in. 

You go to a party or networking event, and you tell everyone about your business. And you wait for the calls to come in. Well, the calls may be coming in, but perhaps not enough of them.

Or maybe you have been in business for years, and suddenly you notice that the marketing tools you were using before are not bringing in as many leads now. It is a new era, and you are losing time and revenue learning how to adapt.

We have supported clients in developing their brand and unique market position with monthly budgets from $500 - $5000. Our team of specialists provide experience and good honest advice on how to market a business with optimal amount of money.

Business Solutions

We know your business is looking for creative solutions to bring in new customers and the key is to have them become repeat customers month after month after month. You want your customers to continue to remember you in a positive way for future purchases or referrals.

The question you should ask of us is ‘what’s in it for me?’ This is the same question you need to answer for each and every potential customer you are seeking to connect with.

Marketing is a long term endeavor. The “Rule of 7” tells us that it takes at least 7 “touches” with a contact before that contact becomes a qualified lead.

It is the cumulative effect of marketing over time that creates strength in your sales process. By continuing to look for new ways to showcase your brand and get in front of your audience, you are doing it right. Marketing at its best involves consistent, repeated action.

Questions from Business Owners

How long does it take to market a business? (You will probably be marketing your business as long as you are in business)

Generating sales is the most important thing that you need to do and this comes from creating brand awareness and adding contacts into your business pipeline.


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