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The Phoenix Network is a team of marketing consultants that have direct experience from having worked in the Television, Radio, Social Media, Billboard, Magazine and Newspaper industries.

Michael Dach is the founder and principal of the Phoenix Network, an advertising and marketing agency. 

From his 20+ years of experience in the radio advertising industry, he developed a deep understanding of marketing and brand building. Through this work, Michael has achieved a unique perspective on how to create and develop advertising strategies that produce results for small business owners.

The Phoenix Network was founded in 1995 to support small businesses and non-profit agencies manage their marketing and events in a smart, strategic manner.

The Phoenix Network team is driven to help small business owners figure out the big picture of where they are now and where they want to be. Then we guide them through the action steps of the journey. The most rewarding part of the work is seeing the way our clients benefit as successful marketing yields business growth.

Our goal is for small business owners to get access to the marketing support they need within a budget they can afford. Please contact us so we can share our knowledge and discuss the multiple ways we can help your business grow.



The Phoenix Network is a team of specialists that offer a variety of Traditional and Social Marketing services.


The Phoenix Network, a team of specialists offers a variety of marketing services. We stand apart from other agencies by realizing the value of developing relationships within an organization.

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