Secrets to Successful Marketing

Advertising is a paid message that informs and arouses the interest of consumers about a product or service.

  • Commitment—If you are not committed, it is NOT going to work for you. You develop a plan over time, revise it consistently and watch it take effect over time, slowly!
  • Investment—Don’t expect marketing to instantly double your sales. You invest your business dollars into marketing, you don’t spend them.
  • Consistent—Consistently translates into regularly, as often as you can.
  • Confident—Make customers familiar with who you are and what you offer or do. Build trust.
  • Patient—Be patient with the plan you have developed and give it six months to grow. Repetition builds retention.
  • Assortment—Use one advertising vehicle with dominance you can afford. Add to this a second and third advertising medium (or more) to reach your target market of potential customers.
  • Subsequent—The marketing you do subsequent to the initial sale will produce the largest profits.
  • Convenient—Operate your business for the convenience of your customer NOT for your own convenience
  • Amazement—Make potential customers want to connect with you and find out more.
  • Measurement—Ask every person you come into contact with how they heard about your business.